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"Having been in a security industry for over thirty years responsible for the safety and security of thousands of people, I have found the CAPS Mobile App to be a great solution for recognizing aggression indicators. The CAPS Mobile App helps determine whether there is a risk of abuse, harassment, bullying or even an assault. My CAPS Mobile App offers recommended skills that can be used to diffuse a potential aggressor.  The CAPS Mobile App takes the guesswork out of recognizing risk and finding reasonable responses.  It is a tool that I wish I had had thirty years ago."
Pat Hurley, Hurley Consulting LLC
What can the Commercial CAPS Mobile App do for you?  
  • The Commercial CAPS Mobile App offers a Client Dashboard, which permits you to forensic record and longitudinal track aggressive behavior in your organization or institution without violating privacy regulations like HIPAA, FERPA in our schools, and/or the Civil Right Act of 1964. Client Administrators issue CAPS Mobile Apps to either Aggression First Observers or Certified Aggression Managers. 
  • Commercial CAPS Mobile App is the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) placed in the palm of your hand!
  • Helps you prevent in a reliable way: violence, bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination, loss of trust, and conflict.
  • Forensically records and longitudinally tracks aggressive behavior or your Commercial Dashboard without violating privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, FERPA in Schools, Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Displays the Level of Aggression (from a baseline through 9th Stage Aggressors)
  • Displays the Threat Level and thus the sense of urgency (Low/Moderate/High: So you won't be blindsided)
  • Offers Recommended Responses based upon the level of Aggressive Behavior (This eliminates excessive force)
  • Offers Emergency Procedures, which can be customized for your organization.
  • Create PDFs to download/send/print cases.
  • Share cases with other Commercial CAPS Mobile Apps holders
  • You get a free 28-minute tutorial video with your Commercial CAPS Mobile App
Prices include a CAPS Commercial Dashboard and a designated number of CAPS Mobile Apps:
  • CAPS Dashboard requires a $1,500.00 setup fee.  Added logos and/or Emergency Procedures are considered addons and can incur additional fees.
  • Retailing at only $595.00, our 2-day Webinar-based Certified Aggression Managers’ Workshop (No Travel or Lodging Expenses), plus your first annual subscription to CAPS Mobile App is included for free! The Certified Aggression Managers Workshop is intended to provide in-house utility, without the cost of travel and lodging. Upon successful completion of this two-day training, participants receive Aggression Managers Certification. There are reductions in price for volume!
  • Retailing at only $995.00, our 4-day Webinar-based Ambassadors’ (train-the-trainers) Workshop (No Travel or Lodging Expenses) over the next 30 days, plus your first annual subscription to CAPS Mobile App is included for free! This Ambassadors (train-the-trainers) Workshop provides an in-house training capability for your organization, and/or your commercial application for consultants. Prospective trainers take the two-day workshop and then have two more days of intensive training and exercises including practice teaching and assessment. Upon successful completion of the four-day training, participants receive Center for Aggression Management Ambassador (C.A.M.A.) certified trainer credentials. There are reductions in price for volume!

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