Ambassadors Workshop (train the trainer) -- Four-Day Webinar Training

  • Are you a consultant who, by CAPS training clients, is identifying an additional source of revenue?
  • Are you a  consultant who, by offering CAPS training to clients, will be giving yourself an unfair advantage over all other competitors.
  • Are you an employer who, by CAPS training your own employees, is saving significant amounts of money, and able to do so on your own schedule?
  • Are you a benevolent, compassionate person, who by CAPS training to others (community, church, friends, and family), wish to share CAPS’s unique and power prevention tools to those you care about?

The Ambassadors Workshop, using a train-the-trainer approach, prepares you to implement and conduct the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) Training (Individual's CAPS Mobile App included in the price). CAPS is not merely training; it is a system that produces empirical and forensic results. Utilizing CAPS, organizations can demonstrate through evidence-based best practices that their venues are as safe as possible. The Ambassadors Workshop is a webinar-based training that allows you to sit at your computer, from anywhere in the world, face to face with the founder and CEO of the Center for Aggression Management, John D. Byrnes. He takes you through the step-by-step process of learning to foresee the precursors to violence and thus maximizing your opportunity to reliably prevent it.

This Ambassadors Workshop (train-the-trainers) is intended to provide an in-house training capability for your organization. Ask us about our commercial application for consultants. Prospective trainers take the two-day workshop and then have two more days of intensive training and exercises including practice teaching and assessment. Upon successful completion of the four-day training, participants receive Center for Aggression Management Ambassador (C.A.M.A.) certified trainer credentials for as little as $995.00 per attendee (reductions for volume and timing). Once we receive full payment, the complete package of information will be sent to you by e-mail enabling you to begin your preparation for the workshop.
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