Do you feel safe? Is your family safe? Did you know that you can prevent violence with scientific reliability for only $49.95?

Did you know that Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies, and the FBI cannot prevent you from becoming a victim of violence! It’s true! Why is this so important to understand?

  • When an assailant decides to pull his/her weapon and start shooting -- the "Moment of Commitment" -- it takes two seconds before the first round is discharged. No police officer, sheriff’s deputy or FBI agent, no matter how well trained or equipped, can reliably be on scene to protect you in just two seconds!
  • Sadly, all law enforcement professionals can do at this point is follow active shooter training and step over dead, dying and/or wounded victims to get to the shooter. This approach is often referred to as “Right of Bang,” i.e., after violence has occurred, which makes you the victim law enforcement officers are stepping over!
  • Is this an acceptable outcome?
  • There is a better solution!  This solution is founded in science, but it is not for everyone!  You must step beyond current thinking/paradigms. Can you step out of your current paradigms and consider a new approach that is founded in science? Ref: Dr. Claire Good, Ph.D (below)
  • If you truly wish to prevent assaultive or violent behavior, you must know the behavioral cues (precursors) that lead to assaultive/violent behavior and what to do to stop it. You must get out in front of that horrific Moment of Commitment!
  • Using techniques that the FBI and the Secret Service refer to as "identifying someone on the path to violence," the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and its CAPS Mobile App help you identify the aggression-precursors to violence and thus prevent the horrific Moment of Commitment. Although we all know that there is no absolute (100%) violence prevention, with the help of these aggression-precursors there is scientifically reliable violence prevention.
  • Incidentally, these same aggression-precursors also work to prevent conflict, bullying, abuse, harassment, assaultive behavior, and loss of trust. Whether at work, school, on the job, or at the supermarket, aggressive behavior permeates our world, and only the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and its CAPS Mobile App offers an unbiased scientifically reliable way to prevent it from occurring. Ref: Dr. Claire Good, Ph.D (below)
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  • John D. Byrnes, D.Hum., Founder and CEO of the Center for Aggression Management, Inc., has spent the past 27 years developing the only scientifically reliable violence prevention system, the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and their fully functional CAPS Mobile App. Learn these scientifically reliable behavioral cues (precursors) and get certified to teach these skills to others in just 4-days in our Ambassadors' (train-the-trainers) Workshop!
  • Dr. Byrnes has trained thousands of participants in Fortune 500 Companies, as well as representatives from over 150 college and university campuses. He has spoken at dozens of professional conferences and trained many in governmental agencies across the United States.  For a more complete list of clients review:
  • With the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and its CAPS Mobile App, you can prevent violence in a way that will demonstrate to community leaders, that you are justified in providing CAPS with unbiased, evidence-based Best Practices.
  • As we all begin our journey out from under COVID, what will your journey look like? Are you ready for a new start founded in science?
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SUMMARY: What can the Individual CAPS Mobile App do for you?
  1. Helps you prevent in a reliable way, violence, bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination, Lost of Trust, and conflict.
  2. Forensically records and longitudinally tracks aggressive behavior without violating privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, FERPA in Schools, Civil Rights Act of 1964
  3. Displays the Level of Aggression (from a zero baseline through 9th Stage Aggressors)
  4. Displays the Threat Level and thus the sense of urgency (Low/Moderate/High Threat Levels: Prevents being blindsided)
  5. Offers Recommended Responses based upon the level of Aggressive Behavior (This eliminates excessive force)
  6. Offers Emergency Procedures
  7. Create PDFs to download/send/print cases.
  8. Share cases with other CAPS Mobile Apps holders
  9. You get a free 28-minute tutorial video with your CAPS Mobile App
  10. Select the CAPS Mobile App purchase button on your right!
  • CAPS Mobile App is the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) placed in the palm of your hand.
  • Because CAPS is a mobile app on your smart phone, you can capture information and enter it into CAPS in real time, wherever you are.  If you would like to create, and file, a record, your CAPS Mobile App saves time and prevents you from losing important details between an event and finding the time to sit down and create such a report.  
  • In addition to preventing violent behavior, the CAPS Mobile App also reveals the precursors to bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination, and conflict. The app then prompts the user with on-the-spot best practice responses, known as diffusing techniques, which help prevent further escalation and threats of violence.
  • Most safety and security methods react to aggressive behavior like bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination, and conflict after they already happen and cause harm to one person or another. The CAPS Mobile App has the only system that offers Scientifically Reliable Prevention of bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination, conflict, Lost of Trust, and violence.



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