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The Center for Aggression Management offers scientifically reliable solutions for the most common challenges facing executive protective services leaders today. We all know that no violence prevention works 100% of the time, but we offer scientifically reliable violence prevention.

Gavin de Becker in his groundbreaking study/book, “Just 2 Seconds,” makes the case for our Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS). de-Becker makes the following points:

1.  Typically, the assailant is 25 feet from his victims when the first round is discharged.

2.  If the Executive Protector is 17 feet from the assailant (next to the executive) there is an 82% chance the executive and the protector will be shot and potentially murdered. At only seven feet the attacker’s success rate is still over half (55%).

3.  It is only when the protector is at “zero” feet from the assailant and the protector’s mindset is in the “now” that the attacker’s success rate falls to only 2%. It is seldom that I have heard that executives are prepared to invest in more than a couple of protective service agents, and all too often it is up to one protector to scan the crowds for potential attackers.

4.  From the Moment of Commitment (when an assailant decides to pull his weapon and start shooting) to when the first round is discharged is just 2 seconds! No protector, no matter how well trained or equipped, can reliably identify an attacker in a crowd and effectively close the distances (to zero distance) mentioned above. Legends in Executive Protection are now moving away from their executive, becoming covert in their protection. Because they are covert, Executive Protectors are able to get up next to a potential assailant without being noticed and position themselves should the assailant initiate their horrific Moment of Commitment. With CAPS training Executive Protectors can more reliably identify someone on the path to their horrific Moment of Commitment.

5.  1) Do nothing 2) Do a takedown. Unfortunately, executives do not like takedowns, not when every phone is a video camera and the news media is just a social media post away.

These are all reasons why CAPS is an essential tool for any Executive Protector. CAPS offers the only scientifically reliably way to identify a future assailant before their horrific Moment of Commitment.

The reason that the legendary Bob Duggan of Executive Security International (ESI) hired John D. Byrnes as his Keynote Speaker and subsequently to teach part of his courses for several years was the significant applications of CAPS for his Executive Protectors. John D. Byrnes was also the keynote speaker at the first annual Protective Services Conference sponsored by and held at Walmart Headquarters.

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