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Are you tired of dealing with workplace behaviors that can devastate your organization? Assaults, sexual harassment, discrimination, "insider" cyber-attacks, and distrustful behavior not only harm morale, teamwork, and loyalty but also have a direct impact on your bottom line. What if there was a way to predict and prevent these behaviors with scientific reliability? Imagine the power to identify behavioral precursors and stop them from manifesting in the first place, saving you time, money, and liability. It's time to create a workplace where these destructive behaviors simply don't belong.

Introducing the Center for Aggression Management, Inc. - your partner in preventing and addressing aggression in today's complex environments. With our cutting-edge Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS), we provide systems, technologies, and training that ensure a safer and more productive workplace for your employees, and guests. Our approach is backed by years of experience, with hundreds of companies and educational institutions successfully implementing our programs.

What sets CAPS apart is its ability to predict and prevent incidents of aggressive behavior with scientific reliability while not violating privacy regulations. Our system doesn't rely on mental health assessments or personal characteristics, ensuring compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, the Civil Rights Act, and other privacy regulations. We utilize proprietary web and mobile-based software technologies, including the CAPS Mobile App, CAPS Dashboard, and CAPS Online Courses, to forensically record and longitudinally track aggressive behavior over time, in real-time.

With CAPS, you have the power to proactively address aggression and prevent incidents from occurring. Our intuitive, scalable, and cost-effective technology allows you to identify red flags and intervene before situations escalate. By taking this evidence-based approach, you set the industry's scientific standard in terms of best practices.

Don't let your organization suffer the consequences of workplace aggression any longer. Choose the Center for Aggression Management, Inc. and join the ranks of those who have made their workplaces safer, more harmonious, and more productive/profitable. Together, let's create a culture where aggression has no place.


Your Current Programs

  1. Using Mental Health Assessments or their indicators are notoriously inaccurate! They are too subjective & can violate HIPAA Regulations.
  2. Current programs react to incidents, they do not reliably prevent them: Active Shooter Response, Sexual Harassment, Abuse, Bullying, & Discrimination!
  3. Moment of Commitment: It is Just 2 Seconds before the discharge of a round! No security, no matter how well trained or equipped can reliably be in scene in 2 seconds! You are on your own . . .
  4. “Insider” Cyber-Attack: Current programs are unable to reliably prevent “insider” Cyber-attacks.
  5. “See Something, Say Something” Is not reliable and is not working!
Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS)
  1. With scientific reliability, CAPS identifies the precursors to incidents and prevents them from occurring! (Violence/ Bullying/Abuse/ Discrimination/ Sexual Harassment/ “Insider” Cyber-Attacks/Destructive Conflict/Distrustful Behavior)
  2. CAPS does not violate privacy regulations like HIPAA in hospitals and healthcare, FERPA in campuses, & Civil Rights Act of 1964!
  3. CAPS is founded in science! Record and track using evidence-based Best Practices in real-time!
  4. CAPS Technologies permits intuitive, inexpensive, and scalable applications!
  5. No victims – No perpetrators – Significant reduction in costs to employers.
  6. There is no better solution!

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