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Would you like to prevent violence? Would you like to prevent sexual harassment, abuse, discrimination, conflict and bullying in our schools? There is scientifically reliable prevention, and we wish to share with you how you can achieve this highest level of prevention. Read on . . .

All plans to deal with workplace or campus violence assume the horrific acts of an individual intent on hurting or killing others are impossible to prevent. As a result, most plans are structured to deal with victims and minimize the after-effects. Meanwhile the rest of humanity is left to ponder why. Were there tell-tale signs? Is there a way to recognize individuals who are likely to become dangerous to others?

At the Center for Aggression Management, we know that identifying someone who’s on the path to violence before they hurt others is possible. For more than 29 years we have trained leaders to implement our unique and scientifically validated Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) in organizations and institutions around the world. CAPS provides human resource leaders, corporate security officers, campus police, SROs, student affairs leaders, and mental health professionals with a common language and framework to identify, track and respond appropriately when precursor behaviors emerge. Because of our evidence- and behavior-based approach, CAPS is able to do this without violating privacy regulations like HIPAA in hospitals and healthcare, FERPA on school campuses or for security and law enforcement the Civil Rights Act of 1964. CAPS helps end assaultive and violent behavior, only with other common workplace and school issues like sexual harassment, bullying, abuse, discrimination, and conflict -- before it occurs.



From the Moment of Commitment (that’s when an assailant decides to pull his weapon and start shooting) to when the first round is discharged, is just 2 seconds!

No Security Professional, No Law Enforcement Officer, no matter how well trained or equipped, can reliably be on scene in just 2 seconds! So, the first secret is out, you are on your own!

Security and/or Law Enforcement will eventually arrive on scene and do what they have been trained to do. Which brings us to the second secret: Security and Law Enforcement are trained to step over those dead, dying and/or wounded victims in order to get to the shooter! Is this acceptable to you? What if you are the target of this active shooter? What if it is your children in school?

Come learn about how and why our Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) works. Register for our next free one-hour CAPS webinar!

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