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Center for Aggression Management's

Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS)

 Here are Three Horrific Events That Could Have Been Prevented With CAPS Training!
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The FBI's Behavioral Threat Assessment Center asserts that their ability to prevent future violence is predicated on identifying a person who is "on the pathway to violence," which illustrates the precursor threats of violence.

John D. Byrnes, Founder and CEO of the Center for Aggression Management, has spent the past 23 years developing the means to idenitify, measure and manage the precursors to all forms of aggressive behavior in others and ourselves. His CAPS System provides the precursors to bullying, harassment, abuse and violence so you may reliably prevent these maladies.

Watch the "CAPS Comprehensive Video" (below) to learn why the Center's scientifically validated CAPS system produces evidence-based best practices to identify those on the path to violence:

Available Training Options:

Because these are "live" webinar workshops, you can attend one person at a time and there are no costs of travel, lodging and/or per diem. Corporate clients can request training at their facilities. Simply contact us at 407-718-5637. 

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