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Introduction to
The Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS)
One-Day Workshop

This "Introduction to the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) One-Day Workshop" is for Human Resource, Security, Risk Management, Employee Relations, Social Services Professionals and people like you, who are on the frontlines of aggressive/violent behaviors. In addition to violence “prevention,” issues like preventing bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination, and the loss of trust that negatively effects Teamwork, Loyalty and Leadership will all be discussed.

This CAPS Solution is based on 23 years of research into aggressive behavior, and the recognition that practical tools to identify, measure, and assess specifically emerging human aggression were necessary. Thus, CAPS produces the highest form of “evidence-based” Best Practices and therefore is the most effective system for achieving maximum organizational safety and security in a practical, scalable and affordable way.

This workshop offers meaningful insights to CAPS: Why and how it works. It is for individuals who are considering whether they wish to implement CAPS in their organization; deciding to become a Certified Aggression Manager; or they are considering taking the Ambassadors' (train-the-trainer) Workshop. The advanage of our One-Day Webinar Workshop is that you are able to take this course one-person-at-a-time, as well as saving the cost of travel, lodging and per-diem. Learn the basics of the CAPS system and how it will positively impact you and all those around you!

Reach out to us today with any questions you may have: Email: or Phone: 407-718-5637.

The price of the Introudction to CAPS Workshop is only $249.00 per person. Register now for our upcoming workshop!

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Other Training Options

Because these are "live" webinar workshops, you can attend one person at a time and there are no costs of travel, lodging and/or per diem. Corporate clients can request training at their facilities. Simply contact us at 407-718-5637. 

Certified Aggression Management Training (Two-days)Ambassadors' (Train-the-trainers) Workshop (Four-days)

The FBI's Behavioral Threat Assessment Center asserts that their ability to prevent future violence is predicated on identifying a person who is "on the pathway to violence," which illustrates the precursor threats of violence.

John D. Byrnes, Founder and CEO of the Center for Aggression Management, has spent the past 23 years developing the means to idenitify, measure and manage the precursors to all forms of aggressive behavior in others and ourselves. His CAPS System provides the precursors to bullying, harassment, abuse and violence so you may reliably prevent these maladies.

Watch the "CAPS Comprehensive Video" (below) to learn why the Center's scientifically validated CAPS system produces evidence-based best practices to identify those on the path to violence:

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