Law Enforcement: Preventing "Use of Force"
Learn About Use of Force Prevention:
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Are you tired dealing with issues of Use of Force: the loss of reputation, the medical claims, the liabilities, the re-training!
In order to get out in front of a Use of Force incident, you must first learn how to identify someone "on the path to a violent attack," so as to "prevent" a Use of Force incident, not "react" to it. Can you predict and thereby prevent the emergence of aggression in others?
On June 17 from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Center for Aggression Management is presenting a specially One-Day Webinar Workshop for only $99 per registrant! This webinar will give you the knowledge and skills to reliably prevent the next Use of Force incident, whether simple subject resistance or a murder or murder/suicide event. You will find this webinar informative and truly applicable to your agency.

The class starts with a video clip of a terrorist in a crowd exhibiting the same body language reflected by the most lethal of all predators, the perpetrator of murder/suicide! By the end of the day, you will have learned how to identify that person!

Learning Outcomes/Participants Will Be Able To:

1. Identify the emergence of aggression (someone on the path to a violent attack)
2. Measure aggression in others and in ourselves
3. Manage aggression in others and in ourselves
4. Reliably prevent aggression and subsequent violent attack, thereby a Use of Force incident

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Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Bruce Siddle, first introduced the Continuum of Aggression that enables us to foresee the precursors to a Use of Force incident and prevent it. Twenty years ago, the Center for Aggression Management began with Dave Grossman's Continuum of Aggression, developing a comprehensive Aggression Continuum and scientifically validated it at Eastern Kentucky University with over two years of utility. We now want to bring these skills to law enforcement professionals and unlike the current FBI's methods, our programs do not use mental illness or culture as precursors, so our methods fall outside of HIPAA Regulations and within privacy regulations so as not to contravene Civil Libertarians (ACLU).

Of course, there is no "absolute (100%)" violence prediction/prevention, but there is "reliable" prediction/prevention. The most thorough study on identifying murderers and perpetrators of murder/suicides, declares the most effective and reliable means of predicting whether someone will commit future violence is to identify someone "on the path to a violent attack."

This study conducted by the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department of Education & the National Institute of Justice, called the Safe School Initiative Study, declared that, "An inquiry should focus on the student's behaviors and communication to determine if the student appears to be planning or preparing for an attack." "The ultimate question to answer . is whether a student is on a path to an violent attack." In order to be reliably predictive who will be the next murderer, or worse yet perpetrator of murder/suicide (terrorist), we must focus on someone "on a path to a violent attack."

Our scientifically-validated Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and our Aggression Management Training provides the skills to reliably foresee the precursors to violence and a Use of Force incident (someone on the path to a violent attack) with empirical and forensic results, especially the murderer or perpetrator of murder/suicide, and actually prevent them from occurring.