Implementing CAPS involves training a significant number of Aggression First Observers and a core group of Aggression Managers.  It also invloves accessing and learning to use the Meter of Emerging Aggression (MEA) Web-based software Platform.
CAPS results in the Safest Possible! workplace, educational, or religious environment.  CAPS allows teams to implement effective and consistent responses in time to prevent violence.  The process results in the consistent documentation that is needed.  Overall, CAPS enhances other safety programs, allows timely help for aggressors, and provides a return on investment by avoiding the dramatic pain and costs of aggression.
The Training and Systems You Need to Prevent Violence!
Our base level CAPS product includes a package of training and user licenses that will meet the needs of a small to mid-sized organization.

If you are a larger organization or have multiple locations, you also can tailor the base product to fit your needs by electing to add certain options that expand the number of persons trained. Options also are offered to expand the number of users that will access the MEA Web-based Platform, and to add certain functionality to accomodate larger or more complex organizational environments.

We will be pleased to help you identify the product to best meet your organization's needs.

We will also continue to update and renew the knowledge and skills of your team as you continue to use
CAPS over time.

As shown in the image to the right, the benefits of
CAPS are dramatic. The improvement in the safety and productivity of your workplace, educational, or religious environment will more than offset the cost to your organization of implementing CAPS.
CAPS is essential if you are to achieve the Safest Possible Organization or Institution, the highest form of evidence-based Best Practices!

If you are not already familiar with CAPS, you may want to go to CAPS Concepts - Meeting Today's Challenges to learn more about how CAPS works to enable your organization or institution to be as safe as possible!

CAPS has three key components that work together to identify emerging aggression in time for effective, preventative responses and interventions to be implemented -- before the violent crisis phase is reached.

To effectively implement CAPS, you need:
1. Training for a significant group of Aggression First Observers

2. Training for a smaller group of Certified Aggression Managers

3. The Meter of Emerging Aggression (MEA) Wed-based Software Service (licenced for your use)
The Center for Aggression Management exists to help you prevent violence and create a productive environment within your organization.

We do this by providing training and systems that allow users to recognize and effectively respond as aggressive behavior emerges. With the skill to do so during the early stages of the aggression continuum, users truly can be proactive in preventing violence and other issues.

Critical Aggression Prevention System - CAPS - moves an organization's threat assessment and behavioral intervention programs to an entirely new level of effectiveness and efficiency, thereby dramatically improving safety and reducing the cost of aggression to the organization.

We also offer aggression management training programs for individuals that are not part of such teams sponsored by the
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Implementing CAPS Training and Systems
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Learn about CAPS by watching our
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