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Center for Aggression Management
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Aggression Management
Risk Review

Aggression: The Early-Warning Signs
Safety Check - Rodale Press

Dealing with Hostile People
Your Best - Rodale Press

Dealing with Hostile People: Dos and Don'ts
Safety Check - Rodale Press

Draining Away Aggression: Use the Same Techniques Law Officers Use to Keep Cool under Fire
Safety Check - Rodale Press

How to Plan for a Safe Escape
Safety Check - Rodale Press

Recognizing Mounting Anxiety: In Extreme Situations, A Life May Depend On It
Workplace Violence Prevention Reporter

Safe or Sorry? Don't Overlook Warning Signs of Workplace Aggression
Professional Safety

Training is Key to Averting Workplace Violence
Employee Services Management

Training May Help Prevent Tragedies
Business Insurance

The Center for Aggression Management's founder, John Byrnes has authored the publications listed below.

In addition, Mr. Byrnes has been frequently quoted in articles that have appeared in national, regional, and local news publications across the US.

He has been interviewed numerous times on radio and TV programs regarding the role of Aggression Management in preventing violence in our workplaces, schools, campuses and other facets of our society.
Publications Authored by John Byrnes