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Center for Aggression Management
Scientifically Validated to Reliably Prevent Violence
Merriam-Webster provides the following definition of AGGRESSION

1. a forceful action or procedure (as an unprovoked attack) especially when intended to dominate or master

2. the practice of making attacks or encroachments;

3. hostile, injurious, or destructive behavior or outlook especially when caused by frustration.
The "Fight" Against Aggression
In sports contests and even business, a person is often honored for their "aggression" or their aggressive actions. We believe better descriptors would be assertiveness, intensity, risk-taking, playing without abandon, or even courageousness!

It is clear that aggression is not a positive human trait and that productive humans tend to be repelled by aggressors.

Aggression, or more specifically aggressive behavior, brings with it tremendous costs and human suffering.

Our founder, John D. Byrnes, recognized in the early 1990's that aggressive behavior was not well understood. He also recognized that techniques for distinguishing truly aggressive behavior from aberrant behavior and for productively responding to aggressors were desperately needed. So began a long journey of research and learning that has led the
Center for Aggression Management to be the leader in understanding and managing aggression.
especially: unprovoked violation by one country of the territorial integrity of another

Our Mission - Preventing Violence from Aggression
The Center for Aggression Management exists to prevent the damage caused by aggression. To that end, the Center will develop training materials and systems that will enable individuals and organizations to understand, recognize, and productively manage aggressive behavior.

Accomplishing our mission will have significant positive impacts.

1. The lives of aggressors will be dramatically improved by intervening before their aggressive behavior reaches a level that has adverse life altering consequences.

2. The lives of everyone surrounding an aggressor will be improved and protected as the aggressive behavior is recognized and productively managed before reaching the more advanced, more costly levels.

3. The ability of organizations to fulfill their desire and obligation to provide the safest possible workplace, campus, religious setting and school will be dramatically enhanced and transformed.