Aggression Manager Training
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The training programs offered by Center for Aggression Management have been recognized by the
as being consistent with its mission of providing training and products that increase safety in our Nation's workplaces and educational settings.

As evidence of the accomplishment, successful graduates will receive a certificate of completion jointly award by the
University of South Florida OSHA Training Institute Education Center and the Center for Aggression Management. In addition, Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) will have been earned.

Center for Aggression Management has also established the optional certification program described below for individuals that have completed aggression management training and, for advanced levels, have achieved certain experience levels.
Certification and CEUs
Aggression First Observers *
Aggression Managers
Senior Aggression Managers
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Aggression Management Trainers
Master Aggression Managers
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USF OSHA Training Institute Educational Center
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* Aggression First Observer training is effectively provided by the Center of Aggression Management through a one-day webinar. This allows our clients to avoid the expense of traveling to the Orlando area for this one-day course. The material presented in the First Observer course is included in the Aggression Manager course.
2 Day Certified Aggression Manager
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4 Day Ambassadors' Workshop
3 Hour Aggression
Management Workshop
All sessions are from 9 am to 5 pm ET
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