The human costs of aggression can include pain and suffering or even loss of life, reduced performance, and even personal or institutional reputation damage.
The financial costs of aggression can also be dramatic.  The potential financial costs include penalties, higher insurance premiums, civil or worker's comp liabilities, faculty and staff retention, retraining, and productivity costs, and even lost income due to loss of business or lower enrollments.
• Workplaces
• Campuses
• Schools
• Domestic Settings
• Religious Places
Meeting Today's Serious Behavioral Challenges
Your Challenges:
Prevention Requires:
Intervention during the early stages of the
EMERGING Aggression
Recognizing and responding to both types of
Aggressors before they become:
Some of the root causes of aggression can be:
intent driven, calm, often missed
random shooter or terrorist
Although many organizations have some form of behavior or threat intervention program, most programs and efforts of this nature do not prevent the damage of aggression -- they either just do not work or they respond to the crisis that results from aggression.

You need to be able to recognize the signs of aggressive behavior early, so your programs can move from being reactive to truly proactive in preventing the damage caused by aggression!

You need solutions that transcend:

> the root cause of aggression,
> the Primal or Cognitive nature of the aggressor, and
> the aggressor's religious, social or ethnic background.

The Center for Aggression Management offers solutions that meet these critical needs. Solutions that are affordable and scalable. Solutions that can be implemented at various levels by:

1. Aggression Management Training recognize and manage aggression in others
......during the course of their work responsibilities.

2. Implementing a complete system we call the

Critical Aggression Management System - CAPS
red faced, ready to explode
Today’s workplaces, schools, campuses, healthcare facilities, and religious organizations are very challenging environments. Leaders, managers and administrators are faced with ever increasing demands to protect employees, faculty, staff, students, and visitors ....... at a time when aggressive behavior is becoming more common and budgets are under extreme pressure.

Established in 1993, the
Center for Aggression Management has developed real-world answers to these concerns.

> We do this by providing training and systems that allow users to recognize and respond to aggressors in time to be
> We are the
FIRST and ONLY organization that focuses on EMERGING aggression.
> We also have developed revolutionary techniques for recognizing the

Our focus is training and systems for recognizing emerging aggression in others and intervening before that aggression progresses to more advanced and damaging stages. Other organizations focus on healing a person's aggressive tendencies or responding to an aggressive event.

We wholeheartedly agree with a statement made by one of our clients:

....."I would rather be spending our resources and time in preventing than reacting!"

With the skills and systems needed to recognize emerging aggressive behavior at its early stages and to respond appropriately, users truly can be proactive in preventing violence and other serious behavioral issues. In addition, in many cases, the aggressor can be helped before a life-altering event occurs.
The Problem
The Solution
Stop Violence, Bullying, Verbal Abuse, Harassment, Discrimination, Militancy & Terrorism in
• mental illness
• criminal intent
• religious fervor
• political extremism
• stress in the workplace
• domestic challenges
• stress from traumatic experiences
Aggressive behavior is the link between these root causes and the violence, bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment and other abusive issues listed at the top of this page, which threaten productivity and safety of individuals and organizations. People that create these problems exhibit recognizable behavior, communication, and other patterns that reveal they are progressing along an observable aggression continuum -- well before the crisis stage is reached.

Aggression, or more specifically aggressive behavior, brings with it tremendous costs and human suffering.

The costs to an organization of even one serious injury or death due to aggression would be huge in comparison to the cost of the programs offered by the
Center for Aggression Management!
CAPS will provide the missing pieces that will make your management, behavioral intervention, threat assessment, human resource and security teams dramatically more proactive and effective in preventing these challenging issues.

With CAPS, your organization will achieve the consistent observations, assessments, communications, responses, and documentation that are needed for these programs to maximize prevention, avoid wasted time and expense, and reduce liabilities related to untimely or inappropriate actions.

At a personal level, you will know how to recognize and productively deal with aggressive behavior on behalf of your organization and in every facet of your daily life!
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