A screen shot from the Meter of Emerging Aggression Web-based Platform showing the entry of objective observables and threat assessment based on those observables.
The benefits of the MEA Web-based Platform highlighted, including provides threat level output, notifies and reminds responders, compels use of consistent terminology, keeps data secure, organizes key documents and data, tracks training, and serves as a readily accessible, but secure, repository of observations and action plans and records.
The Center for Aggression Management has teamed with Awareity Inc. to provide access to the Meter of Emerging Aggression™ (MEA) system as a software service. Awareity has been a leader in providing awareness and incident reporting tools to education, government, and private entities for over 10 years.

MEA Web-based Software Service was developed on an existing software platform that also includes:
An Intregral Part of the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS)
MEA Web-based Software Service
The Meter of Emerging Aggression, MEA, Web-based Software Service
The Meter of Emerging Aggression™(MEA) Web-based Software Service is used to record and track measurable indicators of aggressive behavior observed by Aggression First Observers.

Meter of Emerging Aggression dropdown tool allows reports to be entered into the system in terms of objective indicators. The same Meter of Emerging Aggression dropdown tool also is then used by Aggression Managers to record their observations, responses and results of interventions and responses.

Use of the
MEA Web-based Software Service makes the process of reporting observations of an aggressor and evaluating the risk posed by that aggressor highly objective because it is based on scientific “cause and effect” principles.

This consistency and objectivity contributes to a higher level of safety and improves legal defensibility.
The MEA Web-based Software Service also is used for longitudinal tracking of an individual’s behaviors over time, permitting an organization to track emerging aggressive behavior across departments, offices and venues.

MEA Web-based Software Service provides significant benefits that make the work of your response teams more effective, efficient, and legally defensible. It is a tremendous aid in assuring that consistent, objective, non-discriminatory observations are made. It also is an essential tool to assure correct assessments of the level of aggressive behavior and therefore risk of violence are made.

Below is a more detailed description of the features of the
MEA Web-based Software Service.

MEA Web-based Software Service will be provided to you by Awareity, Inc.
Full Access to and use of all program features for Aggression Managers including:
........MEA Web-based Platform
........All Incident Reporting
........Awareness Vault

Options for licenses to access
........MEA Incident Reporting by trained Aggression First Observers
........the Awareness Vault
........Incident Reporting
Key Features
of the
Meter of Emerging Aggression (MEA) Web-based Software Service
Meter of Emerging Aggression

For use by trained Aggression Managers as part of the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) for recognizing, measuring and responding to Emerging Aggression
Objectively documents and assesses threat level associated with incident reports of potentially aggressive behavior
Records and tracks observations, incident reports, and follow-up assessments and information pertaining to aggressors
Provides "Longitudinal Tracking" of Aggressors
........Tracks all observations, threat assessments, interventions, responses, and follow up over time
Secure On Line Access
128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection
Data encrypted in transit
You retain control of data and of user access to data
System meets FERPA requirements
Secure and reliable
Hosted in a secure data center and backed-up nightly
........Passed SAS70 Type II audit
........Controlled access facility with 24/7 support staff
Unlimited files and data
No additional hardware or software to purchase
Response Team Notifications and Reminders
Response team members receive email:
........notifications of new incidents and other reports
........reminders of scheduled follow-up activity

Flexible designations of which Response Team members receive notifications
........pertaining to incident reports and
........individual aggressors
Management of Other Categories
of Incident Reports
Preloaded incident reporting types
........Frequently used list
Other incident reporting types may be added by administrator
Ability to produce summary reports
........to comply with mandates and requirements to reveal incidents
On-demand search capabilities to connect the dots
Incident reports entered by Response Team members
Training and Policy
Document Management
Using the Awareness Vault
Securely shares customized knowledge
........Regarding policies/procedures/plans
Schedules and tracks training of
........Response Team members
Provides documentation of training
........suitable for audits and legal review
Role-based assignments for all documents
Training and Other Materials Preloaded in the Awareness Vault
........CAPS Manual and OSHA Specific Documents
........Administrator's Guide
........Administrator/User Training
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Center for Aggression Management
User Licenses Available for:
> an awareness vault for managing documents and training of employees, staff, and faculty
> an incident reporting tool for recording all types of incident reports
..........to meet organizational needs and governmental mandates
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