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Certified Aggression Managers' Workshop
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The Center for Aggression Management's Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) utilizes scientifically-validated means to reliably prevent Workplace Violence using "Evidence-based" Best Practices. This workshop will introduce the attendees to CAPS:

1. CAPS is a scientifically-validated system that enables its user to evaluate behavior that is "aggressive," (i.e., destructive, negative behavior, threatening).
2. CAPS also determines at what level of aggression the individual is and thereby the presumption of threat (Mild, Moderate, Elevated, Severe and Extreme)!
3. Using scientific measures, CAPS objectively identifies and measures in real-time "emerging aggression," offering the precursors to someone on the path to violence.
4. Because CAPS using only "aggressive behavior" in its assessment; CAPS does not contravene HIPAA or privacy regulations. You can therefore record and track this "aggressive behavior" with virtual impunity.
5. CAPS provides a scalable system that achieves Evidence-based Best Practices.

The Center's Founder John D. Byrnes is returning on May 9-10, 2016 to conduct his two-day Certified Aggression Managers' Workshop. This training will provide its attendees the ability to reliably prevent Workplace Violence and will introduce the Center's scientifically-validated Meter of Emerging Aggression. By sending your teams (security/human resource/employee relations/mental health professionals, etc.) to this workshop, they will learn how to identify the precursors to someone on the path to violence and reliably prevent it. The price per person for this two-day Certified Aggression Managers' Workshop will be $349.00 per attendee. Register below and get your colleagues to also sign up.

For those who have been Certified Aggression Managers in the past, who now wish to recertify, as well as, gain the addition of our scientifically-validated Meter of Emerging Aggression may also attend this two-day workshop for only $250.00 per attendee.

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Workshop will be held at the Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS) Headquarters at 1390 Dubin Road, Columbus OH 43215
Certified Aggression Managers' Workshop at COTS Headquarters

One-Time Offer | Two-day Workshop
Only $349.00 per person
May 9-10, 2016

OSHA has recently upgrading their Workplace Violence requirements to Workplace Violence "Prevention." This upgrade was directed to healthcare and social services, but could your industry be next?

In 2015, OSHA issued citations to, and levied fines on, several healthcare providers for workplace violence prevention "failures." Just last month, in Ohio, a homeless man repeatedly stabbed an unarmed security guard; OSHA is investigating! Do you have a Workplace Violence "Prevention" Program? Many Professionals think they have but learn too late they don't! Is your company exposed? How will you demonstrate to OSHA that you have Workplace Violence "Prevention," in an empirical way? Now you can!

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