The Center for Aggression Management offers training for 5 levels of individuals that play roles in the Critical Aggression Prevention System we call CAPS or that otherwise work to recognize and manage aggression. The titles and roles are described below.

Our basic program aniticipates the participation of Aggression First Observers and Aggression Managers.

We highly recommend that individuals that approach, interact with, and respond to aggressors be trained at least to the level of Senior Aggression Manager.
CAPS Training Levels
Aggression First Observer

Certified Aggression Manager


Master Aggression Manager
For our existing customers, the Certified Aggression Manager receives training and fulfills the role most comparable to that formerly referred to as the "qualified responder."
Observes and reports aggressive behavior using objective and consistent terminology.

Records and verifies reports of aggressive behavior, determines appropriate intervention strategies, and tracks intervention activities/compliance.

Possesses more advanced aggression management knowledge and additional demonstrated skills for responding to aggressive behavior. Capable of training aggression first observers and Certified Aggression Managers.

Capable of training Ambassadors.
The knowledge and skills developed as one progresses through the above 4 levels is cumulative. For instance, the Ambassador has completed the training needed to master the skills noted above for the Aggression First Observer and the Certified Aggression Manager.

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CAPS Training Overview for description of the knowledge and skills that will be mastered during training for each of the above roles.
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