The Critical Aggression Prevention System recognizes and manages aggressive behavior early by using trained observers to notice and report aggressive behavior.  Trained aggression managers record and verify observations and plan and implement responses.  The Metter of Aggression Web-based Platform software service is then used as a tool for assessing risk of an aggressor and making the efforts of the aggression managers effective, consistent, well documented, and efficient.
The MEA Web-based Platform software service provides threat level output, notifies and reminds responders, and promotes consistent use of terminology and objective assessments. It also serves as a secure reposity of incident reports, observations, and action plans that is available to users on-line.  The platform also organizes key documents and tracks training of the response team.
The Critical Aggression Prevention System!
CAPS - How It Works!
Implementing The Critical Aggression Prevention System dramatically moves an organization toward having the Safest Possible! workplace, educational or religious environment because CAPS allows the organization to:
Recognize and manage emerging aggression, allowing more timely responses, and

Address both the Primal Aggressor and the typically missed Cognitive Aggressor.
This is achieved by establishing a system of observers and response team members trained in the Center's methods for recognizing and managing emerging aggression. Their efforts are then made more effective, efficient and consistent through the use of a web-based software tool we call the Meter of Emerging Aggression, or MEA, Web-based Platform.
Aggression First Observers:

Aggression First Observers (FOs) apply learned objective indicators to recognize emerging human aggression.

The use of objective indicators avoids stereotyping of individuals and prevents an overwhelming number of subjective reports, which must be investigated.

AFOs typically include employees, faculty members, frontline security personnel, residential supervisors, facility managers, student affairs staff and other personnel who are already in positions to observe and report.
Aggression Managers:

Aggression Managers, typically members of threat assessment teams and security personnel, receive and assess reports from Aggression First Observers.

Aggression Managers objectively assess the level of hostile intent and threat posed and decide what action(s), if any, should be taken. The Aggression Managers plan, coordinate and if properly trained particpate in the initial response. Depending on the circumstance, the Aggression Managers plan and coordinate follow-up interventions and monitoring of the aggressor.
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Meter of Emerging Aggression (MEA)
Web-based Platform:

The MEA Web-based Platform is used by the Aggression Managers to record and assess measurable indicators observed by the Aggression First Observers, assess the level of aggression and therefore threat, and track over time interventions and responses.

The use of the MEA Web-based Platform makes the efforts of the Aggression Managers more effective, efficient and consistent.