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Center for Aggression Management
Center for Aggression Management's
2017 Ambassadors' Workshops
The Ambassadors' Workshop prepares you to conduct our Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) Training: (software sold separately)

CAPS is not merely training, it is a system that produces empirical and forensic results demonstrating that you are doing everything possible to make your venues "as safe as possible" the highest form of Evidence-based Best Practices. The Ambassadors' Workshop is a webinar-based training so there is no need for travel and lodging expenses. Simply sit at your computer, anywhere in the world, with eye-to-eye contact with the Founder and CEO of the Center for Aggression Management, John D. Byrnes, as he takes you through a step by step process of learning how to foresee the precursors to violence maximizing your opportunity to reliably prevent violence!

This Ambassadors' (train-the-trainers) Webinar-workshop is intended to provide an in-house training capability, without the cost of travel and lodging expenses; we also offer a commercial application. Prospective Trainers take the two-day workshop and then have two more days of intensive training and exercises including practice-teaching and assessment. Upon successful completion, of the 4-day training, participants receive Trainer Certification and Credentials (C.A.M.A.) from The Center for as little as $1,995 per attendee (reductions for volume and timing). Once we receive full payment (credit cards are accepted), the complete package of information will be sent to you by email enabling you to begin your preparation for the workshop. For a quick (3-minute) illustration of CAPS visit,

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If you would like a comprehensive understanding of CAPS review this Video
LIke Randy Ryan (below), are you concerned that you are only reacting to incidents? Are you one of an increasing number of professionals who actually want to reliably prevent the next active shooting, or for that matter violence of any kind, bullying, verbal abuse and passive aggressive behavior? Like Randy Ryan, learn how to reliably prevent the next workplace or school shooting. Using scientifically-validated methods, raise your plans/programs to the highest level of Evidence-based Best Practices!

J. Randy Ryan, District Manager at AlliedBarton Security explains: For years, I have presented Active Shooter and Workplace Violence seminars and Tabletop Exercises. I have always been troubled that we have talked mostly about the actions and aftermath. The Center for Aggression Management has put my mind at ease with the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS). CAPS is the "ounce of prevention" that has been missing from the standard approach to workplace violence. The lives saved by using this approach could be countless.
Using Kirkpatrick's 4-Level Training Evaluation Model, the highest form of evaluation of training is the direct corollary between your investment made in training and their empirical and forensic quantitative results. When it comes to Workplace or School Violence and CAPS training, there is no other training that can match our 4th level quantitative results!

Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs, do you want a system that keeps DOJ from knocking on your door? Don't continue the same old training, CAPS provides the antidote to a DOJ investigation!
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