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Center for Aggression Management
Scientifically Validated to Reliably Prevent Violence
The Center for Aggression Management provides training and systems for use in avoiding and preventing violence in today's complex workplace, campus, and school environments.

Center for Aggression Management was established in 1993 in response to a request from law enforcement leaders for more effective, lower impact methods for confronting aggressors and de-escalating aggression. Research and training in those areas brought our founder, John D. Byrnes, to the realization that workplace, campus and school violence could be prevented by applying methods developed by the Center for recognizing and managing aggression.

A wide range of companies and educational institutions responded very positively over the years to the many
Aggression Management training programs provided by the Center. From dialogue surrounding those programs, the Center recognized that much more could be done to prevent violence by developing a comprehensive system for recognizing and managing aggressive behavior.
The Center for Aggression Management
Critical Aggression Prevention System - CAPS
We are thrilled that today several organizations are working to implement the CAPS to make their workplaces, campuses, and schools the Safest Possible! places for their employees, students, staff, faculty and visitors.
This progression of research, learning and experience over the past 21 years resulted in the development of the
Learn about CAPS by reviewing our Safety Day 2015 Conference Video